Quicken Windows online connects but no updates

This morning I accepted an update from Quicken Windows. Then I proceeded to do an online banking update. It connected to my bank but did not update any of my accounts. How do I know if this is a Quicken problem or a bank problem? There were no error messages generated.



  • splasher
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    Did you look on the financial institution's (FI) website to see if there were transactions available for downloading? This may be a dumb question, but you didn't give us anything to go on. Which FI? What download method, it is shown on the Account List (Tools menu)? Please don't make us play twenty questions, it goes a lot smoother if all the conditions are provided.

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  • glieb
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    The FI is Chase. I have 6 days of transactions shown on my bank app login (not pending but showing in my bank register). When I attempt One Step Update, I get the Settings menu with Chase checked with the key next to it meaning the password is stored. Then I press Update Now and I get "processing data" , then "Update Complete", but showing the last download to be 6 days ago.

  • Emily S
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    CC-800 17 accounts

    It appears one or more accounts at Card Servicers Online have been deleted. This could happen if you have restored from a backup file. You must add the accounts to Quicken again.. Select Fix it to resolve the error.

  • glieb
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    I spent several hours on this issue today. It was not the Quicken update that cause the problem , it was that I added an account to Quicken today from another financial institution. When it set up the One Step Update for the new FI, it trashed the ability of the original FI to do its One Step Update. So I did a RESET on the accounts from the original FI, and that, in turn, trashed the One Step Update capability of the second FI ! So it appears that One Step Update can only work on one FI at a time. Having TWO FIs checked in the One Step Update confuses the program. Can't be cured by disabling /enabling from the One Step Settings check boxes, have to do an account RESET to bring them back. Since the second FI that I added is a seldom accessed account, I have abandoned putting it on One Step Update, and will update it manually, at least until I learn more.

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