Mac Version 6.12.5 to 7.0.1 not updating

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I have Mac 13.2.1 and currently have Quicken 6.12.5; every time I open Quicken the software update box opens and says Quicken 7.0.1 is now available…you have 6.12.5…would you like to update. 10 or 12 times I have said yes…Install Update; it downloads the file and I push Install and Relaunch… every time it fails to update and the same screen reappears.


  • Jon
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    Try logging into your account at & downloading the installer from there, maybe that one will work.

  • jacobs
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    And to add to @Jon's suggestion, before you run the downloaded installer, open your Applications folder and drag your existing to your desktop. There should be do difference because every "update" is actually a complete replacement of the application — but if something in your Quicken or macOS preferences is out of whack, the absence of any in the Applications folder should allow the installer to run successfully. (If you run into an ongoing problem which needs further diagnosis, you can always drag the old from your desktop back to the Applications folder.)

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    You have a MacBook running macOS 13.2.1 and currently have Quicken 6.12.5 installed. However, whenever you open Quicken, a software update notification for Quicken 7.0.1 appears repeatedly. Despite selecting "Install Update" and going through the process, the update fails to install, and the same update notification reappears.

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