Are there settings to control what the One Step Update Summary shows?

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My laptop shows all accounts updated. My desktop only shows some of the accounts updated. Both are Win10, both running same version of Quicken. Both using the same Quicken file (transferred back and forth when traveling). I have not set any parameters. What's the difference?


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    There are settings that determine which accounts and services get updated when you do a One Step Update, and these affect what is displayed at the end of the update. These are sometimes displayed at the start of the OSU, or via the Settings button on the Password Vault dialog.

    Also there are checkboxes at the bottom of the OSU Summary that control what is displayed and whether the summary is displayed only if there is an error.

    Note that you must be very careful if you are accessing the same Quicken file from two computers. See this Support post

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    I believe you are seeing the effects of the fact that the last update times for your accounts are not stored in your .QDF data file. They are stored in a file named runtime.dat which lives somewhere in the C:\ProgramData\Quicken\Inet folder. The exact location is data dependent.

    So when you copy your data file from one machine to another, you are not copying the last update times. I also copy my data between machines, and I find it regrettable that the timestamps don't come across with the rest of the data.

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    I don't move my Quicken file often. When traveling I move to my laptop for several weeks. Every day the update shows all accounts, with or without activity. Returning home I move the file back to my desktop and every day it only shows some of the accounts although all are updated. I suspect it has something to do with the update method but that is the same on both computers. I remain confused.
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    PLEASE give us an option to show ALL accounts downloaded each time. Now it only shows those with transactions. I would like to control this function myself, not have a feature taken away.

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    I believe that I have the same problem. When you do an update, any transactions that are available WILL download. However, neither the Update Summary, nor the account display will show that the update occurred. This just began a week ago for me. I spent over an hour with a quicken rep and they told me that I have to rebuild all of my data files. BS. They have a software problem!

    I also want to add that the rep told me that I should have my data file on the same drive as the software or I may have problems. I have had my data files on my (D) Drive and my QUICKEN Software on my (C) Drive since 1997 and have had no problems like this for over 25 years. By the way. I have been working multiple drives with computers since the middle 80's and this is the first time that anyone has told me that you should not do that! ----- RIDICULUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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