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which zip code we can use for buy quicken from srilanka


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    waiting for the reply asap from your side.

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    This is a users forum made up of users like you and me. People posting here do so when they want to and if they are available. There are a few Quicken employees (Moderators) who browse through Community but there is no guarantee that they have or will see your inquiry. In addition this Community forum is based in the USA so it is in a very different time zone from yours and most people were sleeping when you posted.

    If you wish to buy Quicken you can use any USA zip code. You might want to try entering the zip code for Quicken (in Menlo Park, California) which is 94025.

    Before you buy Quicken you should know that Quicken is a product for USA. There is another Quicken product for Canada. Quicken will only download financial data from financial institutions and securities/stock prices located in these countries. So, if you order Quicken you will only be able to use Quicken on a manual basis… will not be able to download anything from any non-USA/non-Canada financial institutions. You will also be required to pay for Quicken in US dollars (or in Canadian dollars if you buy the Canada edition).

    Some non-USA/non-Canadian people have bought Quicken Subscription and have been happy with it. Others have been disappointed. If you do order it you will have up to 30 days to try out the program and if you do not like it you can cancel your subscription and request a refund.

    If you do order it and do not cancel your subscription within that 30-days window, your subscription will expire after 1 year. If you decide then to not renew your subscription for another year you will be able to continue using it manually (except for Quicken Starter which will become read-only) for as long as your system supports it but there will be a banner reminding you to renew your subscription. That banner will take up 20%-25% of your screen and can only be removed by resubscribing. Some consider that to be a nuisance and unacceptable but it does not affect functionality.

    What others outside of the USA/Canada have done instead of subscribing to Quicken is to download a free copy of Quicken Deluxe 2013 from Quicken 2013 for Windows. It is manual only and it is pre-subscription so it can be used for as long as your system supports it and it will not get that banner reminding you to subscribe.

    Any questions?

    Quicken Classic Premier (US) Subscription: R57.16 on Windows 11

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