Fidelity FCONX conversion

Doug Obee
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Fidelity Investments has apparently converted this mutual Fund to FCNVX. Now I can't add FCNVX to Quicken Deluxe. Apparently they didn't tell Q about this. They didn't tell me either! They are still reporting my S&P500 fund incorrectly a year after consolidating most of their S&P funds to FXAIX. What to do?


  • Tom Young
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    When I attempt to add the fund in Quicken using the ticker symbol it certainly finds it, so I'd expect you should be able to also.

    Typical "exchanges" between different funds within a fund family are tax-free, (and I assume that is the case here, but check to make sure), and are entered into Quicken using the "Mutual Fund Conversion" action. Make a backup of your file, make sure the old fund isn't using "average cost" - change that if it is - and use that action to record the exchange.

  • Doug Obee
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    Thanks, it worked just now. I guess I was not patient enough.
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