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I have deposits that are imported and they do not sync and note the split categories. Is there a technique to cut and paste the categories with the amounts in the transaction in question once the transaction is in the register?

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    Deposits like paychecks, Soc Sec and other recurring events that need Split Transaction Detail (e.g., gross income, taxes, other deductions) should always be recorded into your register using either a Scheduled Reminder or an entry in the Memorized Payee List.
    Record this transaction BEFORE you download from the bank. This makes Quicken match the downloaded information to the already existing register transaction instead of trying to blindly guess at creating a new transaction.

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    I don't know about cutting and pasting, but you can always edit a transaction that is in the register to add the correct Categories.

    There are several ways to have the correct Categories applied automatically.

    One is by using the Memorized Payee List and Renaming Rules. If a Payee always gets the same category or splits, you can save the payee name and the corresponding Category(s) and Quicken will use that when it sees the Payee. Renaming rules will standardize downloaded Payees so that "Starbucks #123" and "Starbucks #456" both get mapped to Starbucks.

    For regular bills and income, you can use Reminders to enter transactions into the register with the appropriate Categories. If you accept the reminder before the transaction downloads, Quicken will usually match the downloaded transaction to the transaction in the register. You can match it manually if necessary.

    In Edit > Preferences > Downloaded transactions, you should un-check the Automatically add box so you get to review and if necessary correct each downloaded transaction before accepting it.

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