Brokerage Transactions Download Issue - cash account

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I download transactions from Merrill Lynch Edge or Fidelity Investments, after accepting transactions Quicken then puts up the "Continue" button far bottom-left which takes me to the cash account for those two brokerages. There is no instructions or buttons to do anything? I tried account reconcile, and I still have the continue button with the transactions still sitting in the "Downloaded Transactions" window. I cannot get past the window accept to be always taken to the cash account with nothing to do? This seems only to be an issue for Brokerage Accounts with a cash account, my Brokerage IRA/401K accounts do not have this problem.

Help Please.!!

Quicken Premier, version R49.29.


  • Jim_Harman
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    The Continue button takes you to the optional linked checking account for a brokerage account, which is where all the cash transactions appear if you have it set up that way. You can continue accepting transactions in the cash account, and when you have dealt with all of them, the button will change to Done.

    Is there a reason you want to have the linked account? Normally that would be used if you are paying living expenses from a brokerage account, like some people do with a Merrill Lynch CMA account. If you don't need the linked account, you can click on the gear at the top right of the account and select Edit account details. Change the Show cash in a checking account option to No and the cash will become part of the main brokerage account.

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  • tmichaeltx
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    The problem is in the Brokerage Cash account - every time I try to reconcile the account like my normal checking account a popup occurs asking if I want to -

    • Review the unaccepted transactions first
    • Reconcile without reviewing or accepting

    If I choose the review button it just takes me back to my checking register and there are NO Transactions in any box or window or in my view that says "accept" or anything. In fact, if I choose the 2nd button, I can reconcile the register cash balance to match the brokerage account cash balance and still have unaccepted transactions per quicken if I press ctrl-R the same msg above pops up.

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