Microsoft Defender is blocking Quicken Updates?

dhcernese Member ✭✭
I know this is not technically a Quicken issue, but I got a notification that R49.29 was checked today. It doesn't say blocked, but it also did not update Quicken.

Any suggestions?
Quicken Premier R48.18 on Windows10 now. I started with MYM (Managing Your Money) on DOS


  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭

    Microsoft Defender isn’t blocking the update. It is requesting your permission to send the update file to Microsoft’s servers so that it can be sure that it isn’t a virus. This is something new an in my opinion it seems to be some new with Microsoft Defender more than Quicken. As in why would they need to have the file sent, when you would think that they could determine the file is a virus or not locally. And second, the fact they ask to send it seems like they are just making sure that no one accuses them of doing things behind their back. I would bet other anti-virus software send files to their servers without asking.

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