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I've noticed multiple times in the last few months that sometimes, when I've downloaded transactions and accepted them, that the reconciliation is off. This is most common with Bank of America. When I go to the BOA website, I see that there are "pending transactions" that have not yet downloaded into Quicken, but are counted in the "online balance" used for the reconciliation. This means I have to wait for a rare day with no transactions in order to ensure that everything balances out correctly. This is very annoying. Shouldn't the "online balance" only include those transactions that are fed to Quicken in the download?



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    If you reconcile to a "paper statement" you will not be a victim of the financial institution/Quicken's latest design error.

    You don't have to wait for the actual statement, just know what the website shows for the current balance and that day's date. You enter the date, $0 for payments and charges and the website balance and you can reconcile cleanly everytime (unless you have a typo).

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