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I have been using Quicken since it was a DOS program. My last stand alone version was 2017. I never had problems with downloads. I have had problems with my bank downloads (5th/3rd) which took many hours with Quicken support to get working, and now I have a problem with two CitiBank credit cards which have not updated since early April. For over 20 years Quicken worked without an error and since my subscription began I put more work into correcting errors and failures than in those 20 years! In a recent download today I had a credit card purchase entered into a bank account checking register, a credit card payment with my bank checking as the category but somehow it did not enter into that bank register? When my issue with CITI bank began I backed up my file, deleted Quicken and downloaded a fresh install. It still didn't work which indicates the files I save have error coding or Quicken servers are to blame. I am near the end of my relationship and thinking strongly of going to paper registers for my bank accounts and dealing with credit cards as statements are issued. Does anyone know why these things continue to plague Quicken?


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    technology keeps changing - sometimes not for the better

    I suspect some of these issues are a result of the industry move to more secure connections between a Quicken User and the bank. These features may have the unintented consequences of making it more cumbersome to connect between your bank and Quicken

    Quicken is being swept up in these new security protocols that are driven by the banks. (e.g. EWC+).

    In some cases, these boards indicate that users are falling behind on their own technology (e.g. still running WIN7 or Win8) which may not play nice with these new bank initiated technology features.

    Best I think we can do is be sure we are running the latest versions of WIn11. (I know, Q says that still support Win 8, but I am not confident 100% of banks accomodate those platforms in their security protocols)

    p.s. my point is in many cases, Q is the recipient of this "plague" not always to instigator.

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    Probably everyone has seen this answer but me (?) but I found this today, after being at wit's end for the last week at least, and it worked for me (for now at least):

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    I could not get my Citi Bank credit cards to download. Quicken showed error CC-502. I learned from Citibank they instituted a security feature for all on-line connections (i.e. Quicken and others) whereby the Account holder must sign into their account on-line and authorize an app to access their account. Here is how I did what was necessary: I opened Quicken, opened "Account Details" (right-click on the account in the "Accounts" list), went to "On-Line Services" and insured both Citibank Credit Cards were deactivated for connection. Leaving that Quicken box open where I could activate the account, I opened my accounts on-line in a browser window. When my accounts showed, I selected "Profile" in upper right of screen, selected "More settings" and then, under "Security" selected "Manage Desktop Apps". After reading the banks information I selected "Add Access" and a 10 minute count-down began. Back to Quicken to the "Account Details" box with "On-Line Services" open and selected "Activate". When Quicken finds your accounts it will show them, or one, to you with choices for you. I selected "link" "to existing account" which opened my accounts allowing me to select the account to link to. I then did that for the second credit card and activated both. Shortly all my purchases since my last on-line download were downloaded. A few categories needed to be adjusted but everything is now working. Thanks to those who responded and helped me.

    Note to Quicken [Edited-Readability]: Your service should have been informed by the bank because when they implemented this new security feature they neither informed you or the customer. Fortunately their tech support assisted me. Communication of this is the responsibility of both organizations if you care about your customers!

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    Thank you for the terrific directions on how to fix this problem!

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