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i enter the transaction in my banking side but when i go look at my home load detail the transactions do not show. any idea what i am doing wrong? I have Quicken Premiere


  • GHW
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    ah I am on windows 11

  • q_lurker
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    Is your home loan mortgage set to download data from the lender? If so, that setting prevents the mortgage account in Quicken from showing transactions. I suggest having such a loan account connected to the lender is not productive.

  • Tom Young
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    If you have the loan established as a downloading loan, then your entry of the payment over in your checking Account has no effect on the Account. The amount you post as the principal portion of the payment is not posted as a transfer to the loan Account, i.e., [Name of Loan Account], instead it's posted to a current "expense" Category, like "Loan Payment:Principal" or something similar.

    It's only after the lender has received the payment, processed it, and then downloads the principal into the loan Account that the balance in the Account is affected.

    I, too, so absolutely no benefit of setting up a loan as a downloading loan. Downloading loans allow you no access to the loan Account's register and not infrequently get misstated due to downloading errors.

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