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This has happened in the past, and after renaming the data file to a shorter one, it went away for a few weeks. Now it's back. When I run validate file, it gives me an error message, "Unknown error in opening data file" The data file name is SEEDCPY2023. Quicken then appends the file name to SEEDCPY2023_0.
Validation then finishes the process and gives me the attached report of the validation. Is this me, or is there an issue with Quicken Premier?


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    I agree, something is broken. I'm running R48.9 (not the latest release) and it trashed my data file removing ALL of the accounts and replacing them with accounts named account_# and it also created a data file with the _0 appended to the file's name which Quicken could not even open.

    I will flag your post for the moderator to report back to the developers.

    [added] A copy of the original data file was not put in the Validate folder for safety which it has always done in the past. I had to go with a backup I made just prior to testing this to get back to normal.

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