Vanguard transactions disappeared

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I had to re-link my Vanguard accounts (from Vanguard to Vanguard Personal). The account balances appear correct, but in the process, it looks as if I've lost all my transactions. I presume going back to a backup would undo the linking. What should I do?


  • jacobs
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    It's possible the reconnection switched your Vanguard accounts to Simple Investment Tracking, which shows no transactions. Click on one of your Vanguard accounts in the sidebar, then click on Settings, and see which option is selected for Investment Tracking Method. If Simple is selected, switch it to Detailed, and I suspect you'll see all your transactions are still there.

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  • crp
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    Thanks! When I try to switch to Detailed, I get the message "Vanguard - Personal Investors does not support downloading detailed investment information. If you want to use Detailed Tracking, you must disconnect this account and manually enter your investment transactions." This does not seem like progress!
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