US Bank is always days behind in posting

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With their slow processing and sharing with Quicken, I rarely am able to reconcile to their online balance. Often if is 3-4-5 days before a transaction actually DLs. Curious if others see this and are there any Quicken projects to bring USB in line with my other 20 FIs?


  • Tom Young
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    I'm not getting a clear understanding of what's going on here.

    1st, are you relying on "downloading" to populate the register, or are you entering transactions as you initiate them and then having subsequent downloads find "Matches?"

    2nd, when you say "it is 3-4-5 days before a transaction actually DLs" are you referring to a lag between when you see that the transaction(s) has actually been recorded at the bank's site vs. it showing up in Quicken, or referring to the time between when you initiate the transaction(s) with the bank and when it is downloaded into Quicken? If the latter, I don't see anything particularly unusual about that.

    3rd, when you try to reconcile to the online balance - the dollar amount next to "Balance as of xx/xx/xxxx" - is the online balance the same as the balance you see when you log into the bank's web site? There have been instances, more than a few, where that balance shown in Quicken is simply wrong. In that case you'd need to contact Official Quicken Support to get that problem fixed.

  • MrZipp
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    I guess I'm rather just venting about US Bank. As we look at this moment, they haven't posted items from 5/4, and it/s 5/9. I DL every morning, and this is the only FI that NEVER has a matching OL balance, and is sooo far behind. I'm sure Quicken can't kick them in the butt, but I am only hoping. It wasn't ALWAYS this way. Oh well. thx for you input

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