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We've just opened a Joint WROS - TOD account - Joint Tenancy with Right of Survivorship / Transfer on Death account with Fidelity - and I'd like to know what Type of account should be selected in Quicken.

Really it's pretty much a high interest Savings account - but this is Fidelity so I initially created it as a Brokerage account.

So … under Settings, Type of account should this be?

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    Q knows nothing about account ownership … just that you have an acct created in Q.

    So JTWROS & TOD are meaningless to Q.

    Regarding the acct type, Fidelity is an investment company and can't offer banking type accounts (although they can have accts that are close).
    SO, leave it as a brokerage acct. At some point you might want, for example, high interest bonds int the acct and a "Savings acct" can't hold those in Q

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