Bond purchases not downloaded when auto add to trx list enabled

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Bond purchases (secondary market) do not download when, in "Preferences", "Downloaded Transactions" are selected to "Automatically add to Investment Transaction Lists".

I've used Quicken for years. Have purchased secondary market bonds for years. Everything worked fine - the purchases in brokerages downloaded correctly, etc. etc.

Then, last year, the secondary purchases no longer downloaded and I had to enter them manually. Not a big deal as I don't do THAT many purchases. But... annoying.

I just turned OFF "Automatically add" after having it ON for the past year or so (the reason for doing so is irrelevant to THIS "conversation").

On the next download ALL of the secondary market bond purchases done in the past year appeared. They all appeared as "Match" or "Near Match" (since I had manually entered the purchases), so I deleted them.

The point of this message is that...

Apparently, IF one has selected to "automatically" add investment transactions to transaction lists this is SOMEHOW "telling" the brokerage company(ies) to NOT download secondary market bond purchases. The transactions ARE at the brokerage house... but Quicken is NOT downloading those. Turn off "automatic add" and... VOILA!!! The missing transactions appear.

Go figure.


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    What brokerage is involved here and what method of downloading - Direct Connect, Express Web Connect, Express Web Connect+ - is used? I think the migration from DC to EWC/EWC+ could be behind this.

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