Question about adding catagories and classes


I used to have an old version of quicken. I think like quicken 2000. Anyways back then you could add catagories and classes.

For example I would track my rental properties expenses. So when I entered a transaction in my checking account, I would code to the catagory(expense) and then class (particular property it was). Then I could run reports showing my spending by category and property (class).

can you still do things like that in the new quicken subscription version. I don’t need any of the importing my bank or investment transactions etc. I just want to be able to manually enter transactions in a register and code to the catagories I want and sub code to the class I want.

Is that still possible in quicken.


  • parkerduplexes

    I know there is a quicken for rental properties but not interested in all the extra features that offers. I use to do all of this above with the basic version

  • jmsimon68
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    I use the 'tag' field for that. It is good enough for me. Have you tried that?
  • Chris_QPW
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    Note that "class" was renamed to "tag" in more recent versions of Quicken, they are the same thing.

    EDIT: Warning. The Starter edition what you might call the "basic edition" doesn't fully support tags. You can use them in the register, but not in a report. You need at least the Deluxe edition for fully use tags.

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