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I have some minor (o.o4 for example) residual cost basis that show up on securities that I no longer own. The shares held show zero and the market value shows zero but there is this small positive or in some cases negative cost basis that I cannot get rid of.


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    This can occur if you have a small fraction of a share left over after your final sale.

    You may be able to see this if you go to Edit > Preferences > Reports only and set the number of decimal places to 6. Then go to Reports > Net Worth & Balances and open the Account Balances report. Click on the gear to customize the report and check the Account Detail box. This will display your holdings in all your accounts. Scroll down to find any tiny holdings.

    Then go to the affected accounts and find the last sale of the affected securities. Make sure the Sell all shares box is checked.

    Please let us know if that fixes it for you.

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    Further to @Jim_Harman 's response - if you still have a residual cost basis after confirming that there are no residual share fractions;

    Enter a Return of Capital transaction

    Enter an amount to offset the residual amount (pos or neg)

    In the Transfer Account field of the dialog, select the name of the account you are working in - indicating a transfer to/from the account itself.

    This will zero out the cost basis and will leave the cash balance unchanged.

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