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I debated whether to list this idea either under Printing or Investments, but I will enter it under REPORTS.

When researching and evaluating securities the only report/print format is "columnar". With the many data points QWin has available, the number of columns could total as many as 100. This would print on several pages.

I propose or suggest the option of a "presentation" format similar to the Net Worth report.

Additionally, the heading could be a single security. Company and ticker symbol and dated.

(see example below)

Apple, Inc. (AAPL)

Quote/Price 173.55

EPS 5.9036

P/E ratio 29.40

Price/Book 2.8846

Price/Sales 7.2293

ROE 40.6440

etc., etc.

Thus you have one security with the customizable information you need on portrait page presentation

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  • Tom Young
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    While you're waiting for this idea to get adopted you could achieve that information presentation with a customized and saved Portfolio View:

    then simply swap securities as needed. You can't get a columnar view if you print that out, though.