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I want to work only with the new year's transactions. I followed these instructions, however i'm not sure if If should work with the current year or archive file. I feel like I've tried both options and I still end up with my old transactions in my transactions.

Here is what I did.

1) File;
2) Copy of Backup File;
3) and under "Advanced Options" - select "Create a year-end archive" and select "Next";
4) In the next window under "Current File" you can select what the start date for your new "working file";
5) and at the bottom, first make sure the file location for the new archive is correct;
6) and finally - you can choose the end date for the Archive file and click "Save Archive".


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    The archive is the old data and should be thought of as "read only."

    Your current data file will still have old transactions in it:

    "The Year-End Copy may result in transactions outside the date range you specify remaining in your file. Any unreconciled transactions will remain in your file so you can accurately reconcile your accounts. In addition, investment transactions will be retained, regardless of date range, so Quicken can accurately calculate performance and return numbers for your investments. Quicken recommends retaining unreconciled and investment transactions in your data file."

  • Is there anyway to see and work with the current year only. My quicken file goes back to 2014.

  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    I assume you mean creating a Quicken data file that only has 2023 transactions in it? Um.. not really, at least not without a bit of work on your part.

    In your Registers (Banking Accounts) you'd have to create an Opening Balance as of 1/1/23 (all prior transactions deleted) such that your current balance as of "today" is correct. If there were any transactions prior the 1/1/23 that were not reconciled then you'd have to keep those in the Register with the correct dates and amounts and adjust the Opening Balance accordingly. I think that's what the archive process does automatically, having never gone through the process myself.

    It's the Investment Accounts that would create the most work, depending on how accurate you want your information to be for these Accounts. The most accurate creation would involve doing Added transactions for each and every lot of each and every security as of 1/1/23 (all prior transactions deleted), leaving only 2023 transactions in place.

    Then there's the Property & Debt Accounts that might need some sort of hybrid treatment, in some cases working like Banking Accounts and in other cases Investment Accounts.

    I've never archived my "live" file as the size of the file doesn't really seem to have a big impact on how fast or slow Quicken works. I have transactions dated back to the mid-1980s so it's a fairly big file.

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