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Long time Quicken user. My 401k balance is way out of whack. It shows a large cash balance. The money goes in from the paycheck, but the entries of shares being bought a couple of days later doesn't take from the cash balance, even though that box is checked on the "edit" screen.

Also I can't seem to resolve the placeholder entries, and there are many. I don't care about all the minutia—I just want the basics to match—cash balance, share number, and overall value. Overall value is my priority.


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    Since the details aren't so important to you and overall value is, have you considered selecting Simple Investing for this account?

    If you are interested in exploring this option:

    1. Back up your data file before proceeding.
    2. Edit > Preferences > Investments > make sure the box for Enable Simple Investing is checked.
    3. Account Register > upper right Gear icon > Edit Account Details > General tab > select Simple - Positions Only > Yes > OK.

    I believe this will address/fix the issues you are experiencing (but you might not see the improvement until after you next download from the brokerage).

    Note: If you make this change, you can switch back to Complete Investing at any time. If you do so before any new transactions are downloaded from the brokerage, the register will be just like it was prior to switching to Simple Investing. But if you download new transactions and then switch back to Complete Investing most of those transactions (especially those that are shares related) will not be in the register. To get them back into the register you will need to manually enter them or to restore the backup file you just created and then download transactions. So, it is best if you switch to Simple Investing and have since downloaded transactions that you keep it that way.

    Did this help resolve the issue for you?

    Quicken Classic Premier (US) Subscription: R57.16 on Windows 11

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