I need to create multiple files/accounts that need to administered separately.


I have multiple clients, each having a number of banking and investment accounts. How do I create multiple files and how can I name them so I can identify which is which?



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    as mentioned in your other posting - Quicken QDF data files are just like DOC files in MS Word -

    just create —> File —> New Quicken File —> for each of your tracking clients - and name it like any other MS Windows file

    Of course - if you will be downloading banking/investment transactions - you will need online access to those accounts

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    Got it. Thank you!

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    Are you doing all of this under a single Quicken Id and license?

    If you are, you can't give any of your clients access to QMobile/QWeb since the they would all be using the same Quicken Id to use those access methods and therefore, any client would be able to see every other clients information.

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