Quicken incorrectly indicates "Loan Paid" on account and won't let me view or add transactions

drandand Member

I have a line of credit account which Quicken is showing as paid, when there is is still a balance showing. Further, there appears to be no way to view or reconcile existing transaction or add new ones. How can I get Quicken to correctly identify the account as not being paid so I can continue to use it as I had?


  • Tom Young
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    "This loan is paid off" gripes with downloading loans get posted in here frequently.

    Since the "downloading" aspect of a loan prevents you from seeing the loan's Register, (the conceit here is that the lender and the downloading process are always "perfect", so you have no need to access the Register), you'll have to disconnect that loan from downloading and the Register should appear.

    You can try connecting the loan again to see if that works, but it might not. I'd guess that contacting Official Quicken Support might be required if you want to continue downloading.

  • drandand
    drandand Member

    Thanks. I deactivated the bank downloading and restarted Quicken… I could see the register again after that.

    For anyone else… I had earlier tried deactivating and then reactivating, but it just went back to saying the loan was paid off. I also reverted to an earlier backup, and after connecting again to the bank, it said the loan was paid and I couldn't get access to the register.

  • UKR
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    It's a PITA, but once you have deactivated the loan account, the "Loan paid off" situation will disappear.

    Please do make sure that your scheduled reminder for the monthly payment correctly posts the Split lines for Principal and Additional Principal as transfers to the [loan account register].

    I don't know what the programmers were thinking … 🙁

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