Pay with Check always need to authenticate

Just about every second or third time I use Bill Pay; Pay with Check from my checking account I have to authenticate by waiting a few days for the 2 small deposits to show up and then validate. This makes Bill Pay, which is why I upgraded to Deluxe all but useless.

Any ideas?


  • jwb330
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    Here is a screen shot of error message
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    I see you've reported this issue in the past, but it seems like you never reported back on the success or progress of the recommended course of action: contact Quicken Support for more troubleshooting.

    What bank are you having issues with?
    How frequently do you use Check Pay?
    How frequently do you have to reset or deactivate/reactivate the download connection to your bank?
    It might really be best to contact Quicken Support and let them review the issue.

    OTOH, Check Pay is not the best method to pay your bills. And it only allows for a limited number of free Check Pay transactions every month.
    May I suggest some alternatives?

    1. Logon to the bank's website and schedule your bill pay payments to be executed by the bank from your checking account. In parallel to that, in Quicken use a regular Scheduled Reminder to record your payment. Repeat both actions every time another payment is due.
    2. Bypass Bill Manager. Let the biller's computer system do all the work for you. Logon to the biller's website once and set up their Autopay, APS, Direct debit, etc. service to make the current payment and all future payments on Due Date directly from your checking account. In parallel to that, in Quicken, every month, record a regular Scheduled Reminder to keep track of your payments before they come due.
    3. Write (or print with Quicken) a paper check and mail it to the biller, making sure to mail payment early enough (at least 10 days before due date) to allow time for delivery and processing.

    I've been using the Autopay method at each biller for decades and have not missed a payment yet.

  • jwb330
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    Thanks for the reply but it disappoints me that the opinion is that Bill Pay via Check from Deluxe isn't worth messing with. I understand how to us my bank's bill pay, and I do sometimes, and I understand how to do direct from the biller's system, and I do sometimes and I even know how to write checks from Quicken or the old fashion way from a check book, and I do sometimes, however, I upgraded to Deluxe and paid extra because of the Bill Pay option when it was helpful, but it's not. When it works, its easy and great, but I continually have to 're - validate' my Credit Union account if I go some nominal amount of time between uses...... Disappointed with Quicken
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    @jwb330 As asked above, have you called Quicken Support? Your experience with Check Pay doesn't match what would be expected or what most people report. I understand you are frustrated, but on an issue like this, this user forum probably isn't your best resource for hunting down the source of the problem. Quicken Support can screen share with you, they can pull log files which contain information about what's happening, and they can check your biller accounts online to see what has been happening. No guarantee of success, but probably a better chance than posting here about your disappointment.

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