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Been having this problem for awhile. Finally figured it out. When reconciling a cap1 acct and using the category I want to use it changes the bank acct reconciled transactions.

So The system is forcing me to use the acct name. For tax purposes I change the category. Is/Has anyone else having/have this issue? Is there a work around? In the past by changing the category in one account it never changed the balance or transactions in another acct. Please advise. Thank you


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    If the category is enclosed in square brackets, such as [Checking], it is a Quicken transfer and is automatically generated. A transfer has two parts, one transaction in each account in the transaction. The other account will have a similar transaction with the originating account's name in [], such as [Savings] for a transfer from the Savings account to the Checking account.

    If you change the category to something like Misc, the other half of the transfer is deleted. This has always been the case and is not something new.

    If you will explain the nature of the transaction(s) that you are having this issue with, maybe someone will be able to help you. Please provide a FULL description and please do not make someone play twenty questions.

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