What does "Won't Send" as a check # mean???

QMac - pay lots of bills through direct connect to PNC Bank. I have 3 scheduled transactions that say "Won't Send" instead of a check number - these are scheduled to be paid in June. What the heck does that mean?


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    It could be that your DC connection is or has been transitioned to Quicken Connect. PNC is eliminating DC so DC Bank Bill Pay will end when they complete the transition to Quicken Connect. See the Announcement that was posted last month: https://www.quicken.com/support/why-am-i-receiving-message-about-my-pnc-bank-accounts .

    You should have also received an email from Quicken last month that looks like this:

    Check your current connection method to see what method your PNC account(s) are now set up with to see if it has been changed.

    Yesterday, PNC started migrating QWin users with Express Web Connect (EWC) to Express Web Connect+ (EWC+). These are the QWin equivalents to QMac Quicken Connect.

    Some QWin Direct Connect (DC) users posted yesterday that they were not able to pay bills with PNC any longer. But none of them have confirmed, yet, that their connection method has been changed to EWC+. So, if your connection method has not yet been changed then maybe PNC has started restricting DC Bank Bill Pay or maybe there is some intermittent issue with PNC DC Bank Bill Pay? My DC has not yet been changed and I was able to successfully set up a DC Bank Bill Pay with PNC for delivery on 6/30 so maybe you can try to send the Bill Pay command to PNC, again?

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    Thanks for that - I never got an email from PNC - double checked online and they have my correct email address.

    Not sure how I would have known about the switch over!

    All the accounts I'm using for payments from PNC have "Direct Connect" as the method.

    This change seems to be to the authentication method, not the "payment" method, if thats the right term.

    I'll keep an eye on it and see what happens...

    Still in the end, "Won't Send" is not a very helpful message to see show up in the register! :#
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    I don't have PNC and have never seen "won't send", but In case you need this in the future: Quicken may not let you delete the transaction if it thinks it's a pending bank bill pay. If you need to delete it, the trick is to select the transaction, then hold down the option key on the keyboard while clicking menu Transactions > Delete Transaction. This will give you a popup with some additional options.

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    @Genius_not - It is possible that the issue you are currently experiencing is not because of this DC transition to EWC+. My DC accounts have not yet transitioned. In addition, none of the others who are reporting issues with PNC DC connections right now have confirmed that their DC connection has actually transitioned to EWC+.

    What one person has reported is that they talked with PNC's Tier 3 tech support who was able to help that person restore their DC connection. As he described it, it sounds like an issue I had with PNC a couple of weeks ago where my DC connection had been locked on their end. The Tier 3 person I talked with was able to unlock it and then I needed to set up my DC connection using the DC userID and the original DC PNC-supplied PW when I first set up PNC to DC about 1-1/2 yrs ago.

    I see you've already found that thread:

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