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Quicken is using the wrong balance to reconcile. The bank balance is correct. The exact difference amount is the total of uncleared transactions. It wants me to check off all the uncleared transactions. Of course, I won't do that. This is happening after the last update. I went through all transactions to make sure I didn't make any entry mistakes. A manual reconciliation does balance. I've been using Quicken even before I even had an internet connection, decades ago. It was so much better than using a check register. Never had a problem that was not of my own making. There seems to be so many problems since Quicken changed to a subscription format. The original problems were corrected with and update, but now another problem. I use the starter edition. Hopefully, a new update will correct this.


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    Premier version. Exact same problem today while reconciling my primary Credit Union draft account. Reconciled perfectly the last year plus or more. The difference is exactly as posted above, the account balance on my April statement minus all uncleared transactions. I have several other accounts I need to balance and expect they'll do the exact same thing. I'll test another one in the morning. I've canceled out of the reconciliation process hoping for a quick patch fix so I can move forward. I'm certainly not "depositing" the unreconciled amount back into the account(s) to fix a software programming problem (end balance minus unreconciled transaction becomes the prior balance!). I, too, have also been using Quicken since the Quicken DOS program days. Never had this problem before. I agree with CookieC25, hoping for a quick fix so we can move forward before my entire financial records are totally corrupted

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    @CookieC25 @jslbradshaw

    Quicken version? With Quicken's change to slipping out updates on a "test" basis before letting that version go to general release it's never clear what "the last update" is actually referring to.

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    The last Quicken program update auto-loaded this week, Version R49.29, Build 27.1.4929. My previous month's reconciliation was successfully accomplished on 4-24-2023 (March 2023 balance). I always produce a reconciliation report for each account I reconcile. All of the amounts listed in the archived reports match my March bank statements "deltas" exactly. The problem is the beginning balance on the Quicken April reconciliation tool start with the register balance, NOT the previous ending bank balance. My guess is the programmer who made changes to the software is now pulling the wrong amount (register vs. bank balances for the internal reconcile app).

    Break, Break: I just checked my second account pending an April reconciliation and the tool's ending balance is actually correct (bank statement, not the register amount). I also have run the File: Validate and Repair File tool and it found no errors in my Quicken data file. So . . ., I'm not sure why my primary checking account balances in the reconcile tool are incorrect, while my secondary account matches the account statement.

    I will continue to research the problem.

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    One final update on my problem, maybe it will help OP CookieC25 as well.

    After an exhaustive search of other reconciliation issues community members have posted, I discovered a solution to my problem but not an explanation as to why the problem occurred in the first place. The reason my primary account would not reconcile was that my Opening Balance (12/31/1996 - you read that right) was deleted along with the first check I had entered 26 1/2 years ago! Please don't comment on why I have maintained such a large number of entries; it was my choice to do so years ago and has served me well.
    I also found one ACH/EFT entry that I had failed to enter in March.

    I also had another computer with an older data volume loaded that was good through 9 April 2023 that had the Opening Balance info and missing check. So, after backing up the data volume on my primary computer, I entered the three missing entries and was back in business with the correct Opening Bank Balance for my April reconciliation attempt. All values were correct and the reconciliation was completed successfully - back in business as usual.

    The missing link and I haven't the foggiest idea how or why the Opening Balance and first check (1/1/1997) was missing is still a mystery. I certainly didn't delete them! Not sure if there is a problem with the Quicken code that caused it or if it was a one-time anomaly.
    For what it's worth, I spent 23 1/2 years of my 43-year career working/supporting the DoD (Air Force) as a C2 (Command & Control) Senior Database Manager (DBM) for CENTAF/AFCENT. I spent a great deal of that time, when not deployed supporting an operational AOC (Air Operations Center) in Southwest Asia testing the software we used over many years. I know my way around computers, both hardware and software. I'm not a System Administrator or Software coder but do know how to test complex software and enter/fix database information. I have an MBA as well but have rarely used those skills but do know Statistics-Accounting principles and data entry. I fix personal computer hardware and software as a hobby, helping many senior citizens (I'm now one of them) who are computer illiterate or challenged.
    The bottom-line solution for this particular problem is for those that encounter a similar or identical problem.
    1. Back up your data frequently, daily if necessary. As a former DBM, you can never have enough backups!
    2. If you encounter a situation like that described above, stop and analyze the problem before you make it worse or unrecoverable
    3. Analyze the problem, THEN take the appropriate corrective actions (with a means to recover to your last known state or an earlier DB state that you're 100% sure is accurate (many people suggest this course of action - use the backup/recovery option in the software)
    4. Don't always assume upfront that the software (coders) are responsible for the problem you encountered. If they are, be prepared to roll back to an earlier version (Quicken moderators have provided links that offer downloads of previous versions you may need to reload).
    5. In my case, I resolved the problem by examining all of the possible options (and using some very helpful suggestions regarding "disappearing" Opening Balances that put me on the path to success. Those issues may not be the exact problem you encountered, but may still lead you to the solution.
    6. Last point - take your time, and work on the problem by examining all data available. I definitely recommend loading a different, earlier data set on another computer for side-by-side comparison. That's how I resolved the Opening Balance missing problem.

    BTW - some individuals have suggested reentering the Opening Balance isn't usually a good idea. If it is missing from one of your accounts, if you have multiples loaded, and the others still have their Opening Balances intact. I suggest it is perfectly OK to reenter your missing data, especially if another computer, with an earlier version of the data set, still has the missing data and the math adds up or balances when comparing the two side-by-side.

    Sorry for the lengthy discussion and suggestions. It worked for me. Why the two opening entries were missing is still an enigma in my case but I don't care if it now works. Finally, always double-check your closing balance dates are correct before proceeding with the reconciliation. I have two minor accounts that post interest/dividends mid-month, so floating closing dates or previous month calendar days used by Quicken can be off by 1-3 days depending on the month. That is a preventable coding problem.
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