Is it possible to add online services to existing investment account without creating a new account?

This topic was posted last year. There still is no answer.

I have existing accounts with transactions I don't want to re-enter. When I try to link it to my broker, Quicken desktop goes into the create new account process. There is no option to link it to an existing account. The strange thing is I started from within the account details/Online Services. Clicked on the set up now button.


  • NotACPA
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    Curious. Because when I went thru your steps (which s/b correct), I got the "Activate One Step Update" window with the name of my non-connected investment acct just below it.

    Are you not seeing that dialog?

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  • Jon Brockhoff
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    I tried it again and noticed that after clicking on the set up now button the "Activate One Step Update" window pops up for a second and then goes away and the "Add Account" window pops up.

  • Ps56k2
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    do you have One Step Update working for any other accounts?
    What version .. Help —> About Quicken

    And is your Subscription current ?

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  • Jon Brockhoff
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    One Step Update is working for all my accounts. I'm trying to link a current account that is not linked. I just updated to the latest R49.33 and the issue still happens. It flashes up the screen activate one step screen and then that screen goes away and the add new account screen comes asking for the financial institute name.