How to merge two brokerage accounts, one of which was not entered into quicken


My wife had a small brokerage account that we did not monitor on Quicken. We want to merge her individual mutual funds into the brokerage account that we had monitored on Quicken. It's noy a buy, sell or reinvest.


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    Is her account still separate in the real world? If so, it should also be separate in Q.

    If merged in the real world, simply add her securities to that brokerage acct and download into it.

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    maybe MERGE is the wrong word - maybe ADD ….

    What is the real world …. where are these mutual funds - are they still in her account, or have they been physiclly moved.
    Quicken should be setup to reflect the real world physical accounts and their respective brokerage holdings.

    JT accounts or individual accounts -
    you can have Quicken do whatever, it just needs to be told …

    Add Account —> select Brokerage —> enter UserID/password for access —> select accounts —> done

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