Muultiple BOA account with different login


After update I am now not able to get my information because I have two logins between myself and my wife. The accounts have different login. Once I authorize share my infrastructure on BOA site, quicken says that accounts belonging to other login not found and then it does not update those

In short i can only update account with one login.
tried restoring file from backup, deactivated and reactivated, and reset account

No luck

Any help will be appreciated


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    In Q, you're only permitted one login per acct … but that one login can access multiple accts. My Fidelity login accesses 7 accts.

    Q has always worked like this

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  • user51
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    Thanks for response. It is two login per account. it is two different login at one bank.

    In any case, I was able to make it work by copying the file and setup online connections again.

    it seems to be working.

    Issue closed

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