ebill not connecting. Spectrum cable

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So, I want to track my mom's bills on Quicken, she's starting to forget to pay them. 

I'm tracking my Spectrum cable and haven't had any issues with the ebill. I have added my mom's a couple of times, waited a few days each time and no result is returning. I was able to add her electric company with no problem. but Spectrum is not giving me a result for some reason. 

The connection shows as pending. 

I have her Spectrum setup for online access and can login to the account with no problem..

Any ideas?

Running Quicken Version 7.0.4 (Build 700.48787.100) on MacBook with OS 13.4.

Thank you.


  • in2ndo
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    so, I tried it 3 more times today. Waited until it went back to pending, deleted and initiated it again. And it finally took. So is working now. No idea what it could have been.

  • Hopegrad
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    I tried the same steps that you performed, but my Spectrum bill is still pending. I deleted my Spectrum online bill (3 separate times), removed Spectrum as an online payee (3 separate times), and added Spectrum again as an online payee/bill (3 separate times). After 10 days, my Spectrum bill is still pending. Any ideas how I can correct this? Thank you!

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    Please contact Quicken Support on the phone during posted hours of operation
    They should be able to review what's going on on their server or escalate the problem to the next level support team.

    Please note:

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