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I am with a medical mission trying to set up simple accounting with our African partners in the DRC. I am hoping they can keep transactions in Quicken, transfer files to me in the USA, and then we import into Quickbooks, or transcibe into Quickbook by hand. 2 questions: 1) can they download a copy of Quicken into the DRC if I pay for 2 - 3 users, or is there some type of internet block? 2) is there any reason why could not email their files to me? We want DESKTOP, not ONLINE, Quicken.


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    For the actual conversion of Quicken data into Quickbooks data, if you have not already done so you might want to read this Support Article: .

    If you were to order Quicken Subscription for the DRC users: Some international users have reported no issues downloading and installing from but some others have. You could ask them to try downloading the software from . The download costs nothing but if they want to install and use it they will need to be subscribed to it.

    An option you might want to consider, instead, is to ask them to download and install Quicken Deluxe 2013. It is a free download with no cost to install and use. It will not have any online services but being outside of the USA they would not have any Subscription online services over there anyway. They and you can download the installation file from Quicken 2013 for Windows.

    The Quicken 2013 data file can be emailed, at least initially when it is smaller in size. But eventually the data file can get to be too large for email. You might want to instead consider setting up a shared Cloud Account where they can upload to and you can download from. NOTE: They should not save and run their data files from this Cloud Account as that can lead to data corruption. Just use it for uploading/downloading the data file when you need to receive it.

    Another option would be for them to export/print the accounts data/transaction reports in a file format that you could use to import into Quickbooks or transcribe into Quickbooks, such as, perhaps, Excel or CSV. These files should be small enough to easily send by email.

    I hope this helps. And thanks for your participation in this medical mission. I'm sure your efforts have benefited many people over there and that they appreciate it.

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