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I have been tracking my special needs child's financials in a Quicken file under my account name. I'm thinking about setting up his own Quicken account. My question is how can I move the data under my account to his new account where he would have his own username and password?

Thanks so much for any assistance.


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    When you say "under my account name" are you referring to your Quicken ID, or is this an account at a financial institution, or is this a Quicken data file?

    Is your child's Quicken data in a Quicken data file of its own, or is it mixed together with your financial information in one Quicken file?

    If the child's data is already in its own QDF file, you can purchase a license for the child and set up a Quicken ID for them. Then go to Edit > Preferences > Quicken ID and Cloud accounts and sign in with the new ID.

    If the child's data is mixed together with yours in one QDF file, things get more complicated. Please post back for more info if this is the case.

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    "Under my account name" referres to my Quicken ID which is where both "files" reside. My son's Quicken ID wil be in a data file of it's own after I purchase the new license for him. The data for myself and my son are currently in separate Files with separate passwords.

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    Hi @BakerL

    Do you mean that you will be buying a version of Quicken for your special needs child's financials?

    Regardless, do a Manual Backup of your Data File.

    Next, restore that Manual Backup to a Different Data File Name, which you are allowed to do.

    Once you are in that data file, do a Manual Backup, of that file, before working on it.

    Then, since it is for your Special Needs Child, delete your Accounts from that Data File. If you make a mistake, simple restore that Manual Backup file and try again.

    When you are ready to give the file, to your Child, click edit at the top, then click Preferences. Click Quicken ID and Cloud Accounts.

    Click on "Sign in as a different user".

    Next screen, type "Yes" to confirm Sign out.

    Then Reregister the data file, with your child's UserID and Password.


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