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I bought the Quicken subscription for my Mac, because that was the only offer being sold. When I bought the program, I could enter and track loans I had. Somewhere along the way that became a "premium" function and I no longer have the same functionality I had when I bought it initially. I won't upgrade and spend more money, because what is to keep Quicken from lowering the functionality of that upgrade in the future forcing me to have to upgrade again?


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    Looks like you have the Starter version, which doesn't support loans. Starter's list price is $3.50 a month and Deluxe (the version you need for loans) is $5 a month. But if you search for deals on third party sites, you may find you can get Deluxe for the same or at least closer to the list price of Starter.

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    @joemoran - What edition of Quicken do you have? I don't think Quicken Starter has ever supported loans so I'm a bit confused.

    If you really did have loans support then I'm guessing you have either Deluxe or Premier. And if your loan was set up for downloading and you are not able to now, could it be that your subscription has expired? Once a subscription expires all online services will end and can only be renewed by resubscribing.

    BTW, @RickO is correct that there are often some good prices for Deluxe on 3rd party sites. In fact, right now Deluxe is on sale for $35.99 at That's only $3/month which is less expensive than Starter's normal retail cost of $3.50/month. If you do buy it from OfficeDepot make sure you do not select the option that is for New Subscribers only.

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    I have Quicken Starter. I also had my previous mortgage on it to track how much I owed. Too many times I've had mortgage companies its miscalculate my balance and was only able to get it corrected after much arguing and. presenting them with hard data. I noticed it when I tried to add my car loan (at 0% interest) just so I didn't have to develop a work around to see my remaining balance. I recently sold my last house and purchased a replacement. now Quicken is reminding me I don't have that function and need to spend more to get it.

    I tried to let the subscription expire, because I do have other work arounds for the advanced functions Quicken Starter does offer. I don't see the need to continue paying for software when a version works fine for me. When I did let it expire, almost all of the functions I used were also disabled. This surprised me since I don't use any of the connectivity functions of the software. I don't automatically download anything form any of my accounts. I am a bit old school in that I will use computers to make things easier, but won't turn over all aspects of anything to them.

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    When the Starter subscription expires it becomes read-only. There is no way to get that functionality back without resubscribing.

    When Deluxe and higher subscriptions expire they can continue to be used manually with all the features/functionality intact (except for online services) but there will be a banner taking up 20%-30% of the Quicken screen reminding you to resubscribe.

    Here is what the Quicken Subscription Membership FAQs ( ) says:

    Sorry, but the only suggestion I have for you to regain that feature is to resubscribe. But you might want to consider upgrading to Deluxe so when the subscription expires in a year you can continue to use it manually without needing to resubscribe, again. As mentioned above, a subscription for Deluxe currently can be purchased from for less than the cost of Starter from

    BTW, I am curious how you got to set up loans in Starter. That is not a standard feature of Starter. If you read through this product description it clearly states that if you want to set up and track Loans you will need a Deluxe (or higher) subscription: . You should consider yourself lucky to have been able to use track loans with it up until now.

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