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As a user of Quicken for over 30 years, it has been helpful in watching my investment portfolio which has become much more complex over time. Presently, between my wife & I, we have a mix of retirement accounts, nonretirement accounts, some of which are self-directed, but also managed accounts and robo-advisors. I would like to see Quicken improve Quicken’s portfolio analysis to include the following features:

1. Create a report & graph to show value of each investment account over time:

- Allow the time range to be the typical selections such as year-to-date, last year or a custom date range.
- Allow the time interval to be day, week, month or year.
- Add the capability to show each individual investment in an account over time.
- Be able to show performance of individual accounts or investments over custom time periods.

2. Y-Axis Limit Customization:

- The ability to limit the Y-axis on graphs to the minimum and maximum of the data would be a very valuable enhancement. This functionality would allow for a more focused and detailed view of data, eliminating any excessive white space and potentially misleading scaling on the graphs.

3. Improve data export:

- Try to reduce extraneous data in an exported excel file so that this data doesn’t have to be removed when analyzing the data.


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    1. I think the first 3 items are in the report at Reports > Net Worth & Balances > Net Worth. The last item is in the Reports > Investing > Investment Performance report. You should be able to customize each report to include the desired accounts, securities, and date ranges. Note the Investment Performance Report results are annualized, so it may not be appropriate for shorter intervals. If you are looking for something different, please elaborate.
    2. Improvements to the Y axis are in this Idea post. Please comment and add your vote.
    3. Needs elaboration. What extra data are you seeing, and in what report? If you use the Copy to clipboard option and paste into Excel, there should not be much extra data.

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