Using the Full Desktop Version of Quicken from the Cloud

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I am currently using Quicken Desktop from my server where connect with VPN and can work on my Quicken Desktop remotely. Would like to get rid of my home server and run the full version of Quicken Desktop from an independently operated cloud host. Does anyone do this effectively, and can someone recommend a Cloud Host service to work with Quicken. To be clear, I don't like what Quicken Web service offers since it is extremely abbreviated from the Quicken Desktop version.


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    There is NO version of Q that operates independently of the desktop. QWeb and QMobile are adjuncts to the desktop. What you're asking for is a product that doesn't exist, but you might try looking at Simplifi (via the Buy Quicken link above) to see if it meets your needs

    BEWARE, however, that Simplifi can't import a Q data file … so you'd be starting from scratch.

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    what version do you have? Do you have a business? Maybe QuickBooks would work for you. They have an online version.

    Here is the Quickbooks page…..
     You can convert Quicken to QuickBooks but not the other way.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    I think what you are asking …

    Is there a Remote Desktop Client that is offered as a cloud service to remotely run a Windows image that can be accessed remotely…

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