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Ok, so I record visa transactions in a credit card account and I pay off those transactions in full every month. A cash flow gets reflected twice in the cash flow report. Once in the credit card account, the expenses are recorded. Then, when the payment to visa is made, it counts as an outflow to the visa account. If 1,000 in expense is a true outflow, then an additional outflow hits the report when you pay the balance.

That screws up the bottom cash flow result. This is a simplified version of what I asked in April.


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    The normal way to set this up in Quicken would be to record the transactions in the credit card account, using appropriate Categories.

    When you pay the credit card bill, record it as a transfer from your checking account to the credit card account.

    In the cash flow report, click on the gear at the top right to customize the report. On the Accounts tab, include both the credit card and the checking accounts. On the Advanced tab, next to Transfers select Exclude internal. With this setting, you will see transfers to and from accounts that are not included in the report but transfers like the credit card payment will not be included in the report.

    If for some reason you only want to show the credit card purchases in the report, you would include just that account in the report and set Transfers to Exclude all.

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