Compatibility with QUICKEN 2000 - Importing French bank data w/date format

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Hi from France,

I have been using QUICKEN 2000 for more than 17 years now with great satisfaction.

With my French bank I could choose the date format and get the american one.

But the bank has changed its processes and doesn't provide anymore a choice about the date. It is provided only a QUIF file without any choice about date format.

So when I import datas all the entries are placed the same date which is the date of the importation day !

Then I have 2 questions:

1 - Have you a way to settle this point?

2 - If I buy a new QUICKEN version will it be possible to import my file issued from QUICKEN 2000?

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards.


  • Greg_the_Geek
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    I would suggest trying the free ImportQIF to format the QIF file correctly before importing.

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    Hi @POLLUX78840 . The version of Quicken is very old. I do not know if there are any users in this Community forum who can be of assistance in advising how to deal with the date format issue. And since it is no longer a supported Quicken product I doubt that Quicken Support will offer any suggestions.

    An option you might want to consider is so upgrade your software. You will not be able to simply import your Quicken 2000 files into a current version of Quicken. Instead, there is a multi-step process you would need to follow, first upgrading to Quicken 2004 Deluxe and then upgrading to Quicken 2013 Deluxe. You can read up on this process and get free downloads of Quicken 2004 and 2013 at .

    Note that these free Quicken 2004 and Quicken 2013 are for Deluxe edition. If you using something higher than Deluxe you will still retain the data in your data file but you will not have any of the added features of those editions. If you need something higher than Deluxe I suppose you could search the Internet to see if someone is trying to sell it.

    I would not suggest that you upgrade beyond Quicken 2013. To do that would require you to order an annual Subscription and the main benefits of Subscription over Quicken 2013 are with the online services features. Online services only work with USA and Canada financial institutions (depending on which subscription you have) so they will be of no use in France. And since Quicken 2013 Deluxe is free, what is better than free? 😉

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  • POLLUX78840
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    To Greg the Geek and Boatnmaniac

    Sorry not having replied quickly but I was away from home.

    Many many thanks to both of you !

    I'll try your solutions and tell you.

    Have a nice and sunny day

    Best regards.

  • UKR
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    If possible, keep your current Q 2000 environment unchanged.
    Work with another computer to perform the conversion tasks.
    Should something go horribly wrong while converting your data file from 2000 to 2013, you would at least have your (still working) Q 2000 data file and program available as a fallback position.

    BTW, what is the format of the transaction date in the downloaded QIF file now and what was the old format?
    The American Date format, MM/DD/YYYY, should work best.

  • POLLUX78840
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    Many thanks UKR

    QUICKEN 2000 has been running very nicely as long as the French bank was giving me the choice of the date format.

    I was taking as mentioned previously the American Date Format you mentioned.

    I think I will try the free importQUIF indicated by Greg the Geek to try to change the date format.

    Best regards.

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