Total Balances in Budget show negative but it is not

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In budget, my monthly income is always more than my expenses - but the total annual balance shows a negative amount. I am using Quicken for Mac. Does anyone knows how to fix this?

I input positive numbers as income as well as expenses.


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    At the top of the main budget screen is the Summary section, where there are three lines for Income, Expenses and Difference. Both income and expenses are shown as positive numbers and the difference is income minus expenses.

    It can get confusing if you're looking at the "difference of differences" though:
         (actual income minus budgeted income) minus (actual expenses minus budgeted expenses)

    Here's an example with some dummy numbers:

    This shows that actual income of $60,024 exceeds budgeted income of $58,160 by $1,865. And it shows that actual expenses of $46,025 exceeds budgeted expenses of $40,546 by is $5,478. So the difference or actual income minus expenses shows a positive $14,000. But the "difference of differences" totals –$3,613; my income is slightly higher than budgeted, but my expenses are also greater than budgeted, so I'm actually $3,613 behind my budget (a negative number).

    If you can clarify where you're seeing an unexpected negative value, we should be able to help you get it figured out.

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