Quicken Mobile 'Display Real-Time Quotes' Displaying Old Data

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Has anybody else experienced this? :

When you turn on “Display Real-Time Quotes” in Quicken Mobile web app and the IOS application initially loads the accurate data seen in the Quicken For Windows desktop application, but within 5 seconds then pulls in ‘live market data’ which is one trading day older.

For example, on Labor Day weekend, the desktop application accurately shows all of the correct closing prices for Friday 5/26.
The mobile app shows the same amounts if Display Real-Time Market Data’ is turned off. If you then turn on ‘Display Real-Time Market Data’, then some of the prices revert to closing prices of Thursday 5/25. One example of this is the Vanguard ETF prices from my TIAA-CREF account.

This behavior started recently - since early May 2023

App Version : 6.28.0 (38.27828.4012)
iOS SDK: 16.4.1
Model : iPhone14,3
DatasetId : 381465541725964801
Dataset Platform : QWIN
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