Where are "one-click trend graphs"?

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I found at the bottom of a quicken support article that there are supposed to be "one-click trend graphs". for 4 types of reports. I am using Q Deluxe R49.33. Has anyone else found how to get the "one click trend graphs"? I see no such option.


The article says:
View a trend graph for expenses by category or payee
For the Spending by Payee and Spending by Category report or graph, as well as the itemized payees and Itemized Categories reports, Quicken includes one-click trend graphs, so you can quickly and easily see your average monthly spending for each category or payee for the past year.


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    The closest thing I've seen to a Trend report are the Current Spending vs Average Spending by Category and Current Spending vs Average Spending by Payee reports.

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