Update installing automatically?

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I see that @Quicken Anja posted on May 23 that hot fix 49.33 is available.

Today (June 1), during my routine morning OSU the results showed a Quicken update was available. Why did it only show this to me just now - 9 days later?

Anywho, as usual, I postponed the update as I prefer to process all of my freshly downloaded transactions then create a backup by exiting Quicken and restarting. After Quicken restarted, I cancelled the OSU then selected Help > Check for Updates and it now reports that I'm on 49.33.

So, did Quicken automatically install 49.33 and did it do so during the restart?



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    Quicken is a program that works with windows or mac computers. when you are on quicken quicken request update and you can decide if you want to do it in that time or later. but, when you sing out and sing in it is like a restart and that is why quicken update automatically. That is why people have to make a backup before to make a update or sing out on quicken because sometimes when people does not do it people can lost some financial information or transaction information.

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