Transaction Report w No Splits and No Transfers, Please!

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The issue: I created a YTD transaction report (now, several times) for my credit card accounts. I do not want splits to be displayed so I leave the "Show splits" check box blank. So far, so good. However, if I then enable "Transfers: Exclude all" under the Advanced tab in the customize report dialog, splits are now selected and I cannot for the life of me get rid of this!
The question: is this a bug, or a feature?


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    That is weird. I see the same issue and I would call it a bug.

    To clarify, this is a Banking transaction report, AKA Register report and i am running Premier R49.33.

    If Transfers on the Advanced tab is set to Include all, the Show Splits checkbox on the Display tab turns the display of splits on and off as expected. If Transfers is set to anything else, you can un-check the show splits box but splits are always shown and when you return to the Display tab, Show Splits is checked again.

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    Thanks, Jim - super helpful! I will report this via the channels you have noted.
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    I don't believe the original poster's results indicate a Quicken bug. 

    [NOTE: The report Customize option to "Show Splits" is either OFF for every transaction in the report, or ON for every transaction in the report.] 

    If just one transaction that qualifies for the report is a split transaction with at least one transfer split line, and at least one non-transfer split line, there is no way for Quicken to display that transaction without turning on "Show Splits". Quicken must exclude all transfer split lines, but include all non-transfer split lines. 

    If no split transaction that qualifies for the report has a transfer split line AND a non-transfer split line, the Show Splits option will remain as selected. And that logically includes any split transaction where all the split lines are transfers (such transactions will not appear in the report at all because none of the transaction's split lines qualifies for the report). 


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