Sort by Last Reconcile Date and then hyperlink to account reconcile

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The assumption when reconciling is that you have a statement in front of you so you know which account to reconcile. But with paperless, I don't know which account to start with. If you bring up the Account List, there is a "Last Reconcile" date, but this list is useless if you are planning to reconcile. I would like to be able to sort this list by reconcile date, so I know which statement to go get from the different banks and brokerages I have. And then once I know, I should be able to click on the "Last Reconcile" date and start the reconcile process.

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    The basic request here is to be able to sort the accounts shown in the Account List by the column headers. With that done, you can click on the account name to switch to it.

    But the concept that you'd have an account balance … but not know what account it applied to astounds me.

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