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Is there anyway to move the columns on the 1 month Budget view so the accounts and category column displays the entire name? My view only displays the first 21 characters so the rest of the column is cut off. It would be nice to have the option to make that column larger so the entire account/category could be displayed.


  • jacobs
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    No, there's unfortunately no way to adjust the column width. The 1-month budget screen is an old part of the program carried over from the 2010-era predecessor program called Quicken Essentials, and has not been updated over all the years. I'd note that the same problem of insufficient category column width occurs in the 12-month budget screen as well.

    There is an Idea thread (a request for new features or enhancements) for the developers to make this column wider, and you should add your vote for it by visiting this thread and clicking the little up arrow under the vote counter in the yellow box. Sadly, the thread has attracted only two votes since it was created 9 months ago, and will need to gather more votes to be forwarded to the developers for consideration.

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    Thanks Jacob. Appreciate your reply and information. I can’t believe no one else is requesting this change from Quicken.. Doesn’t anyone use this feature?

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