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Has anyone reconciled an account only to go back into it and the amount has changed? This has happened to me 3 separate times. All of the information is from a deposit. My husband's paycheck is deposited and the taxes, HSA, etc. is categorized for taxes. Part of it also transfers money to savings. For some reason this dollar amount keeps changing every time I go back into the account. GRRRRRR!!!!

If this has happened to you please tell me how to fix it. I've reconstructed the paycheck in quicken but it still keeps happening.


  • Tom Young
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    "Paycheck" problems seem to be a recurring issue in Quicken lately, and I don't know why, but the problem(s) might be connected to what you're seeing.

    Just to clarify and maybe assist some other user in coming up with a better answer than I'm going to give you, what exactly, changes. Is it the net deposit and if that's the case, what changes on the "split" side of the equation? Or, do you end up with an unbalanced entry

    Other SuperUsers have advised to NOT use the Paycheck "wizard" to set up the paycheck but instead to create the entry directly in the check register with all the proper splits, then memorize the entry and make it an income Reminder.

  • verbeena
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    Thanks for the reply.

    The net deposit changes and therefore affects my balance. I've started using flags and entering the correct balance so I know how far back the problem. The "split" also changes. So let's say I have a paycheck deposit and have $50 go into my savings from every paycheck. That $50 changes to $100 sometimes OR they exchange accounts. Leaving my checking with $50 and my savings with paycheck balance. Either way it unbalances my accounts. That flagged me initially.

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    I'm having similar issues with the most recent Quicken update. Paychecks are being changed in the past that have been reconciled. I was running reports and it is showing all kinds of errors. I was hoping it was on the reporting side because I was clicking through transactions to look at the problem.
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