Memory Storage and lack of storage space (Q Mac)

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MacBook Air out of space and memory storage has a long list of Quicken files dating years-my assumption is that those are able to be deleted but can someone confirm I no longer need those before I delete to open storage space to upgrade system?


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    Without seeing exactly what's on your Mac, it's hard to say with certainty what you can delete.

    Am I correct in assuming you are using the current Quicken Mac subscription product (version 7.1.1, or something recent)?

    Generally, all you need is your current .quicken data file. Additionally, it's wise to retain some backup files. Quicken automatically generates backups as you quit, unless you have disabled backups. These files have filename which begin with "BACKUP (Automatic)". The number of these backups defaults to only 5, but in Quicken Preferences, you can set it to any higher value you wish. (I have it set to keep 50, which is probably overkill, but insure I have at least one full month going back in time.) Quicken also makes a backup each time you update the program, so you likely have some file which begin with "BACKUP (Pre-Update)". You may also have some backups you saved manually. If you've got lots of backup files, you can selectively remove some and retain a smaller number at scattered times over the years.

    If you're using the current program but used modern Quicken Mac since it came out in 2014, you may have files ending with .quicken2015, .quicken2016 or .quicken2017. You probably don't need any of those old data files — or their backups — any longer. For security, you could retain the last one of each.

    If you previously used Quicken 2007 (and earlier), those files ended with .qdfm or no extension, but you probably don't need them anymore.

    If you have more than one .quicken data file, then it would be necessary to understand why you have multiple data files. Did you rename or relocate your data files? Did you restore from backups and create new data files? This is what I can't answer for you.

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