Scheduled Transaction Not Visible in Register When Viewing "Next 7 Days" or "Next 14 Days" (Q Mac)

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This is a followup to the closed issue "Scheduled Transaction Not Visible in Register When Viewing "Next 14 Days" (Q Mac)" in which the problem is still occurring but with the same transaction and a similar range of view dates.

In the latest occurrence, a scheduled transaction that is visible in the register when I set “Show reminders for…” any option except “Next 30 Days”. For example, when "Next 7 Days" or “Next 14 Days" is selected, the scheduled transaction does not appear in the register for unknown reasons. Below are three screen shots viewing “Next 30 Days”, where the American Express scheduled transaction is visible; and viewing “Next 14 Days” and "Next 7 Days" where the transaction is not visible.

Viewing "Next 30 Days"

Viewing "Next 14 Days"

Viewing "Next 7 Days"

Quicken Deluxe Subscription f/Mac, 7.1.1 (Build 701.49349.100) under MacOS 12.6.6 Monterey running on a Mac Pro (Late 2013)

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    The issue of my American Express not showing up in the list of scheduled bills occurred again on 7/10/23, but this time I had to extend the filter to "Next 60 Days" for the bill to appear. This was caused, I believe, by the Due Date having somehow been set to 9/1/23 instead of the expected 8/1/23. I updated the Due Date to 8/1/23, but the scheduled bill still would not appear in the register unless the date filter was "Next 60 Days". It's as if changing the Due Date using Bills & Income > Edit All Instances > Schedule > Starting had no effect on the scheduled bills shown in the register filtered by date. Is there some refresh that needs to occur? Or what date is the register "date filter" really using?

    The Schedule Bill Reminder window now shows a Due Date of 8/1/23, even though I changed "Starting:" to 8/2023 and "On the:" to "On the:" "12th" "day". This transaction is linked to the American Express web site which states the bill is due 8/1/23. Is that where the Due Date is derived? I was trying to use the 12th to remind me to pay the bill before the actual due date. Am I using this field correctly?

    Thanks, Will

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