Scheduled Transaction Not Visible in Register When Viewing "Next 14 Days" (Q Mac)

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This is a followup to the closed issue "Scheduled Transaction Not Visible in Register When Viewing "Next 7 Days" (Q Mac)" in which the problem is still occurring but with a different transaction and a different range of view dates

In the latest occurrence, a scheduled transaction that is visible in the register when I set “Show reminders for…” any option except “Next 30 Days”. For example, when “Next 14 Days" is selected, the scheduled transaction does not appear in the register for unknown reasons. Below are two screen shots viewing “Next 30 Days”, where the American Express scheduled transaction is visible; and viewing “Next 14 Days” where the transaction is not visible.

Viewing "Next 30 Days"

Viewing "Next 14 Days"

@jacobs asked some questions about the previous occurrence on March 2023 that I can now answer - a) the issue occurs with different transactions. b) Changing the date of the American Express transaction by a day (I tried both 5/16/23 and 5/18/23) has no effect - that is, the transaction does not appear when "Next 14 Days" is selected.

Quicken Deluxe Subscription f/Mac, 7.0.2 (Build 700.48777.100) under MacOS 12.6.5 Monterey running on a Mac Pro (Late 2013)

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