How do I get my AMEX to show the correct balance

Mark Lang
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My AMEX balance in the account list does not match the value in the register - all my other accounts are correct. I have tried ahowing both current balance and ending balance in the account list and both values show up incorrect, in fact they do not match any values in the register


  • Boatnmaniac
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    Do you have a backup file from before when this issue started? It could be from a long time ago provided your AMEX account is included in it. If so, restore that backup file and make note of what the Opening Balance transaction dollar amount is.

    Then open your main data file, again, and look at the Opening Balance transaction dollar amount. If it is different from what you saw in the restored backup file change it to match what was in that restored backup file. (Also, enter the backup file dollar amount in the Memo field so if the transaction dollar amount is ever changed in the future you will already have the correct amount saved in the Memo field instead of needing to restore another backup file.)

    Did this resolve the issue for you?

    If not, here are a couple of other things to look for in the AMEX account register:

    • Look for a 2nd "Opening Balance" transaction that will have a later date than the original, correct one. If you find one, manually delete it.
    • Look for duplicate transactions in the account register. If any exist most likely they will be located within the 90-days window prior to when you started observing this issue. If you find any duplicates, manually delete them so only the original transactions remain.

    Is the issue now resolved?

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  • Mark Lang
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    Thanks, I restored a backup file, closed my main file - the ist entry (opening balance?) was the same I closed both & restoored my main file from the backup I made before trying this. When I restored my main file from the new backup everything seems to be workig correctly - so basically backing up the file and then restoring from the backup seemed to fix this, I am confused and beginning to wonder if I need to find a replacement for Quicken as there seems to be more & more problems with connectivity lately
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